Public Instances

If you have an instance you'd like listed here, please contact the Team via our Discord and we'll try to get back to you in a timely matter!

This is the main public instance and is maintained by the Spacebin team.

This instance is hosted on Juno Hosting's infrastructure in Sacramento, California, United States. Consequently you must conform to all American laws, and all of Juno Hosting's policies.

All data violating these laws/policies will be swiftly removed from our services after being reported.

Service Rules

The rules of the service are as follows:

  • No illegal, harmful, offensive, or fraudulent content.
  • No copyrighted content or content that misappropriates the intellectual property of others.
  • No viruses/malware/computer harming things.
  • No jail bait.

Additionally, you of course need to follow any and all laws pertaining to the service host in the United States of America and any pertaining to you and your home nation.


This instance is operated solely by the Spacebin team. Currently we do not have a team email, so if you need to contact us please email [email protected] (Faster for takedowns.) or [email protected].

Other notes

  • All data runs through Cloudflare.
  • This service is rate-limited. If you exceed 500 requests in 1 minute you will be blocked from using the service until 1 minute passes.
  • Uptime is not guaranteed, we do however make it a goal to keep this instance as stable as possible.
  • To access the API use the api route (