spacebin - text sharing for the final frontier

Spacebin - Text sharing for the final frontier

Welcome to the official Spacebin wiki.

This wiki contains a lot of useful information on Spacebin, all of which is listed on the Sidebar.

What is Spacebin?

Spacebin is a highly-reliable pastebin server, built with Golang and Fiber, that's capable of serving notes, documents, code or any other form of text!

How Spacebin works

When you send a document to a Spacebin server the server generates a unique key for that document and makes the document available to any client accessing the server via the unique key.

A client can now ask the server for the document by using it's unique key. If the request is performed correctly the server will respond with the document. The client will now display the document's content.


If you'd like, you can contribute to the Wiki on Github, View the repository here.